Luke Wessman Guestspot

We will have Luke Wessman of Wooster Street Social Club, New York City, with us for a short guestspot on November 14th & 15th.
 For info and appointments with Luke, phone, email or call into the shop, Thank You.

Xam Guestspot

We have Xam from The Family Business, London, guesting with us at Allstar from 15th-19th of November. Here is a chance to get ahead Xam's long waiting list and get a piece from one of the most sought after tattooers around. For information and appointments call in, phone, or mail the shop.

Stefano C. Guestspot

We will have Stefano of Frith Street Tattoo in London here with us from the 15th-19th of November. 
Call into, phone or mail the shop for info and appointments.

New stuff

Just a few new pieces to post up from me and I finally managed to get a couple of things Andy's been working on as well.


Nice bright girl's face, will hopefully get a healed photo soon

Finished off this religious half sleeve on Reece last weekend, going to be extending it with another angel and make it into a full one in the next few months

Another religious arm piece, lots of fun tweaking out the background and tying the whole design together

A pocket watch and compass on my friend Kay

An ankh with a scarab beetle on Noddy, she brought in a different design to this so I had to change it around and redraw it to work better for her

And lastly this lovely goose. My client wanted to go smaller with it, but it had a lot of meaning to her and I felt it was such a strong image I convinced her to get it this size. We're both happy we did as it's become a much more striking piece which sits perfectly on her arm

I've been lucky recently to have clients let me do my own thing with their designs. These are just a few tattoos I've done recently where I've had a lot of free reign and because of that I feel we've both ended up with more than we'd hoped. I just want to say thank-you to everyone who's put their trust in me recently and I can't wait to decorate you some more!


Andy did this Jesus in one sitting. I love the detail in his work and I was impressed to see him sit down for so long working tirelessly on it, and also to the client having the will to sit through it and get it done in one shot

This is a piece of flash that Andy redrew for his client and gave her a more modern updated version of a classic

He's not got too much more to do with this back piece, a couple more sittings and it should be all done

Recent Tribal by Paul O'Rourke.

Here is a selection of tribal that Paul has been working on over the last few weeks. 
These include Tibetan-style geometrical dot-work designs and Polynesian pieces with Native American influences along with modern black tribal. The majority of this work is freehanded directly on to the skin to suit each clients shape and size ergonomically.
For an appointment with Paul contact the shop, Thank You.