Summer time's coming!

All this sunshine is great! Also got to do some work on Chris, finished off a matching girl sugar skull on his other shoulder and managed to get a picture of the original one healed.

Also got started on this cover up, the original design was a bit of flash I'd drawn up and just changed a bit to help cover up the dragon, really pleased with the first sitting and can't wait to put the back ground and colour in

And a piece of flash drawn up by Jo of an Angel, really fun piece to do and get finished!


the lining on this one was already healed...


Chad Koeplinger will be guesting with us the 18th-21st of April!!!, for information or to make a booking call us or drop into the shop


We are also honoured to announce that Oliver Peck will also be doing a guest spot with us in April, Oliver is the owner of Elm Street Tattoos in Dallas, the home of his infamous Friday the 13th 24 hour party, this is another rare opportunity to get a piece from another legend of our industry, this guy is one of the busiest tattooers around, he tattoos all over the world, has his own range of footwear and clothing for VANS and is the official tattooer for the Warped tour in the states. Check this guys antics out on YouTube!!!


We are honoured to announce that Chad Koeplinger will be doing a guest spot with us in April, this is a rare opportunity to get a piece from one of the most sought after tattooers in the world and a personal favourite of everyone here, this guy will book out quickly so, if you're interested in getting a piece from Chad, give a a call, email us or call into the shop.

Last Week

we would like to thank all the people who got their Red Nose Day tattoos, we managed to raise £50 for the cause!

here are some new ones too