Award Winning

Jo and myself worked at the East Coast Expo a few weeks ago and I'm proud to say I picked up the First Place Award in the Traditional tattoo category. It was a great convention to work at and a brilliant way to finish the weekend.

This Christmas we will be open up to and including the 22nd, we'll be back in the studio from the 27th-29th. In the new year we'll be open from the 3rd and we're looking forward to 2013 as we have a lot of big projects on the go and we're looking forward to more coming through the door.

Anyway, here are a few things we've been up to


I'll get some photos of Andy's work to put up soon as well, and in the new year we'll put up some of Jo's work as well. He's been turning out some really nice pieces recently so you're in for a treat.

Also stay up to date by following our Facebook page, it gets updated more often than here and it's an easy way to send us any questions.

Luke Wessman, Xam and Stefano C Guestspot

We all had a fantastic week with Luke, Xam, Stefano and Lee. Thank you to everyone who got tattooed for their continued support... Good Times. 

New tees

We've got a bunch of new tees in stock now that you can buy in the studio or at our new webstore. Make sure you're looking good this winter!

Luke Wessman Guestspot

We will have Luke Wessman of Wooster Street Social Club, New York City, with us for a short guestspot on November 14th & 15th.
 For info and appointments with Luke, phone, email or call into the shop, Thank You.

Xam Guestspot

We have Xam from The Family Business, London, guesting with us at Allstar from 15th-19th of November. Here is a chance to get ahead Xam's long waiting list and get a piece from one of the most sought after tattooers around. For information and appointments call in, phone, or mail the shop.